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Bible Studies & Children's Worship

For Children

Children of all ages are welcome to come forward for our Children’s Homily and enjoy learning about God’s Grace during our Children’s Chapel time.  We use a curriculum called Storymakers and it’s a wonderfully interactive plan to learn about God and engage in the Bible Stories.  Children are welcome in the sanctuary and we love wiggles and sounds — wherever the children and parents feel most comfortable.

Viritual Children's Church through video -- these stories capture the deep and abiding story of Holy Week!  Check them out.

Advent 2020 videos are now available for each week for free From Storymakers NYC.  Check them out below!

Storymakers NYC Easter Videos >
Adult Education/Fellowship Time

Adult Education/Fellowship Time

A class from 9:30-10:20 on Sunday mornings through March 28 welcomes all adults, parishioners and visitors alike. 

Join Matt Rossi and Rector, Willis as they give us an opportunity to think together about the relationship between our nation, the church, and questions of race and racism. We’ll consider historical accounts, some current demographic and sociological data, think together about complicity, responsibility, and repentance, and take time to lament together. The goal of all of this is to provide an opportunity to think theologically about race. What does the Christian story, the story of Israel’s God as revealed in Christ Jesus, mean for what we as American Christians think, say, and do around race in our own communities? Join us as we use An American Lent, a resource of The Repentance Project, as our guide and come together at 9:30 on Sunday mornings to pray, listen and reflect gracefully on Scripture and various readings from the week.  Follow the zoom link on the right to join in.

Here is a link to the Repentance Project webpage:


Bible Study and Book Study
St. Mark's offers occasional opportunities in addition to the regular Sunday class to delve more deeply into Bible study and exploration of our Christian faith through in-depth reading and discussion of spiritual topics and theological writing. Please check our Home Page or Facebook page for updates.

virtual Church Links

Please join us "online" 


Thursday: Brown Bag Bible Study 12pm


 Sunday: Hybrid Holy Communion at 10:30am


 Wednesday: Service of Evening Prayer 7:30pm



(If prompted for a password then enter "jesus" for service and "Jesus" for Brown Bag Bible Study)