Youth Servers


Acolyte Master:  Emily Talbot-Guillote


Acolytes, Crucifers and Torchbearers

"Be present, Lord Jesus; be present! Grant that I may faithfully and loyally serve you in love and through my service proclaim 'In all things, God be glorified.'"

Acolytes Bishop Fr. Stephen 10-14-12

The Crucifer leads our weekly procession into worship by lifting high the cross.  He/she is followed by Torch Bearers carrying lighted candles to symbolize the "light of the world" as it is brought into the nave by the laity, returning here to worship and to be renewed in their service.  The Acolyte assists the priest's preparation of the Lord's Table for Holy Eucharist.  At festival services a Kite Bearer flies the dove kite, symbolic of the Holy Spirit's being invited into our time of worship and praise.

These duties and others as requested by our priest are carried out at St. Mark's by our Youth Servers.  Ms. Talbot-Guillote has served as acolyte master, training and scheduling these fine young people.

Each Youth Server has his/her own ribbon with cross and annual updating to wear as part of his/her vestment.  Upon graduation from high school, it is presented to him/her in sincere thanks from a grateful congregation.

Our youngest members serve as Torch Bearers.  Crucifers are usually in middle school.  After a young person has made the decision to be confirmed, he/she is invited to serve as an Acolyte.

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