Carico Library

Mission:  To know Jesus Christ and to make Him known through library resources.



Since the late 1990s St. Mark's has enjoyed a growing collection of books, videos, and reference Bible study materials gathered to enrich all members.  The library was founded through the extensive efforts of Anne Cole Carico, who died in January 1999.  It is now housed in a beautiful area of the Ministry Center in a room bearing her name.


Under Mrs. Carico's direction the original books were catalogued through the Dewey Decimal system and given "check out cards".  However, in recent years a simple sign out system for the books has been used on the honor system.


2009 Reorganization

LibraryThis significant effort called for the materials to be reorganized under a "retail" model instead of the Dewey Decimal System.  This is similar to how public libraries handle their fiction or mystery collections.  There will also be "locator" aids including an index and a color-coded chart.


Your Resource

All members, whether taking part in Sunday School or Bible study groups or independent study and research, are urged to check out books and videos in order to grow in understanding and Christian world view.  The St. Mark's library is available for the purpose of encouraging individual growth and inquiry, as well as to serve as a resource for the whole St. Mark's community of faith.


St. Mark's Archives

Archival materials relating to the long and exciting history of St. Mark's are being catalogued and preserved by the St. Mark's History Committee and will be available for historical research by that committee on request and also be selectively displayed as the parish prepares to celebrate its 250th anniversary in the year 2020.


For historical inquiries, please contact Pat Honts or Carole Geiger.

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