Honduras Mission

Charles & Judy Echols (members of St. Mark's), along with a team of 14 Iglesia San Marcos 2or so, take yearly trips to Iglesia San Marcos in Honduras. This team (which comes from several churches in different parts of the US) is the only medical help they receive.  In addition, each year the team addresses maintenance and construction expenses that become evident in setting up the clinics. 


St. Mark's will be collecting toothbrushes, dental floss, coloring books and crayons for the trip.  They can be dropped off in a plastic container by the front door of the church starting September 3rd and continuing through September 24th!

Come hear Charles & Judy tell us about the mission during the Adult Education time at 9:15 on Sunday, September 10th.


Your prayers for the Honduras Medical Mission at Iglesia Episcopal San Marcos are so important. This mission is the work of  St. Mark’s, Fincastle, St. Paul’s, Salem, Church of the Good Shepherd, Galax and churches in Arizona, Florida and Tennessee.  The team members are professional health care providers as well as other professionals who work as volunteers in the general medical clinic, vision clinic, pharmacy, clinic management, water filter distribution and training, interpretation and for the first time, dental clinic.  YES, we now have a dentist who is joining this year's team to evaluate the dental needs of the community in order to develop an appropriate, modern dental clinic next year.  Many Hondurans also volunteer to coordinate clinic management, patient registration and interpretation.  


Honduras is a beautiful, fertile country.  It is the poorest country in the Americas, after Haiti, but it has come a long way with the help of mission teams which bring water filters, health care, agricultural expertise.  With continued prayers, support of all kinds, and work, they hope to reach their goal of self sufficiency by 2019. Our goal is to assist them in that endeavor.


Welcome sign from San MarcosThis Honduras Medical Mission has many moving parts.  Hundreds of people line up, often in the rain, hours before the clinic opens.  We are the only available medical clinic and pharmacy for them.  Prescription medications are obtained at low cost  from an agency in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, Blessings International.  Many of the medications have been donated by major pharmaceutical companies.  Multi-vitamins for children and pregnant women are also provided. We are all humbled to be able to follow the example of Christ and heal the sick.   


The mission works with Holland Kendall Ophthalmologic Missions, an outreach ministry,  which provides a vision prescription reader and a computerized program. The Lion’s Club  provides the prescription eyeglasses. With this support, the mission can very accurately prescribe the correct lens  for each of hundreds of patients.  Sunglasses are also provided in this tropical paradise.  What a blessing!


This  Medical Mission to Honduras has an important preventative, medical component: clean water.  When tap water cannot be depended on to be safe, people are forced to buy bottled water.  When they cannot afford that, they often have water-borne illnesses which can become chronic and fatal.  The mission team brings Sawyer Water Filters to be distributed to the church communities.  Modern technology has provided filtration that produces water cleaner than bottled water with nano-filters that can be used and reused for drinking and washing  For less than $50 a filter, we can provide “living water” that is safe and healthy.  We offer these filters  including careful instruction for their care. The filters  are given to families that the priest designates who will share the water with other families.


Can you be part of this mission?  Yes, by praying daily for the mission’s success and safety. Pray for the sick who will come to the clinic. Pray for wisdom, insight and compassion in diagnosing and treating patients.  If you you have extra glasses that you no longer need, donate them to the Lion’s Club. Your glasses will find their way to people all over the world. Please make a contribution for medicines, Sawyer water filters, infant fingernail clippers, toothbrushes and supplies for the Sunday School at San Marcos Episcopal Church. Pray about becoming a part of this mission team and, if it pleases God, plan to join the team next year.  For more information please contact Charlie or Judy Echols (they can be reached by calling St. Mark's Episcopal Church).





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